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Bohemia Investment, s.r.o., brokerage firm has been active on the Czech market since 2003. It provides its clients with the arrangement of insurance, credit, and factoring mediation.

Basic Information
An insurance broker is the person or corporation who administers mediation activities in an insurance agency on the basis of a contract with the interested party for insurance or designated by him as his representation in insurance matters. In contrast to an insurance agent (representative, deputy), who appears in the name of a specific insurance company, a broker is quite independent of the insurance company at which he places a specific insurance contract. The broker defends the authorized interests of his clients, processing for them optimal insurance programs from both the point of view of their needs as well as the offers available on the insurance market. Apart from these basic matters, insurance brokers administer various consultation actions, mainly in the area of risk management or security. The activity of insurance brokers is set down in law no. 170/2018 Sb.

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Tailor-made insurance solutions
according to your needs, interests and risks

  • 01 Meeting - agreed requirements and content of insurance

    Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will arrange the next steps to suit you. A personal meeting does not always have to be a condition, you just need to send your requests and we will communicate the necessary questions with you as follows.

  • Based on the information provided, we will prepare a solution proposal, which we will specify and summarize together, our solution will suit your needs.

  • After precise preparation and tuning of all your requirements, we will prepare the contract for signing and we will successfully complete the insurance of your company to your full satisfaction.




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