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22. 06. 2021

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  • Insurance of Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurs

      • This includes practically all forms of property insurance and responsibility for damage including responsibility for damage caused by a defective product or defectively performed work.

    • Travel Insurance

      • Travel insurance enables your employees to travel around the world in peace and with the feeling of safety. It serves to cover the entire set of risks – injury, abruptness, illness, baggage theft, or inadvertently caused damage. You can certainly adjust the extent of insurance protection according to your desire.

    • Natural Elements Insurance

      • This insurance is designed for the protection of your movable and immovable assets. Its essence is to help you in cases causing the damage or destruction of your insured assets as a result of the elements.

    • Compulsory Liability

      • Commonly used, even if not entirely the exact manifestation for liability insurance from the working of a vehicle, concluded according to law no. 168/1999 Sb. This insurance is required for all vehicles on the road.

    • Car Insurance

      • This is found, thanks to the considerable frequency of damage from accidents and theft, among the most often chosen types of insurance. It usually provides the complex protection of motor vehicles and their parts and equipment, from damage or destruction as a result of natural events, traffic accidents, deliberate damage, theft, or robbery.

    • Additional Car Insurance

      • This includes the insurance of the vehicle’s glass, the insurance of baggage in the vehicle, and insurance in the event of costs incurred for renting a replacement vehicle.

    • Group (Fleet) Insurance of Motor Vehicles

      • Complex coverage of all significant risks connected to the operation of your fleet.

    • Property Insurance

      • Buildings and movable assets (production and operational equipment, supplies) can be the subject of property insurance. Property insurance is negotiated on a new value (i.e. a sum which must be spent on the replacement of a new asset) or on the temporary value (value lowered according to the use of the property).

    • Transport Insurance

      • This type of insurance can be arranged in two ways: either as insurance in relation to a specific transport (insurance of shipments) or as general insurance in relation to specific automobiles (cost insurance).

    • Liability Insurance

      • Liability insurance for the damage of an entrepreneur and the industry is arranged for the event in which the entrepreneur causes harm to a third party in connection to his business activity, whom he must replace.

    • Business Interruption Insurance

      • This insurance is an important accessory for total property insurance, as well as the insurance of electronics and machines. It protects the insured enterprise from production reduction and ensures the smooth continuance of activities and further development of the enterprise in the case of the rise of damage, until the time when the enterprise achieves its original standing on the market.

    • Building and Assembly Insurance

      • This insurance is designed for the coverage of damages which can occur in connection to the building and assembly of a building.

    • Management Insurance

      • This is liability insurance for a damage caused by a physical person in connection with the performance of a function of a member of a statuary authority and board of supervisors or in connection with the performance of other management of a function in the enterprise. If financial damage of the business or a third party arises by the disruption of the duties of insured persons, it will be paid for by the insurance company together with the costs of legal representation in the case of a court dispute.

    • Pension Insurance of Employees

      • The goal of pension insurance is to give each citizen the possibility to secure himself in advance for retirement at such an amount of additional income as he himself chooses.

    • Debtors’ Insurance

      • The goal of debtors’ insurance is to protect companies working in various fields from damage caused by unpaid debts in the case of unwillingness or incapability to pay their customers.

    • Crop, Forest, and Livestock Insurance

      • Crop and forest insurance ensures that your farm will not have financial problems even in the case of natural disasters. Livestock insurance protects the breeder from losses arising as a result of death, loss, or forced defeat of bred animals.

    • Guarantee Insurance in the Event of Bankruptcy of a Travel Agency

      • The goal of this insurance is to protect customers of travel agencies in the event of their bankruptcy.

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